Brandin Lea (of Flickerstick) + Mo (of Junk FM & RADDA RADDA) $15 at Aster

Brandin Lea, the co-mastermind and lead voice of alt-rock legends Flickerstick, epitomizes a tale of meteoric ascent intertwined with a salute to rock and roll excess.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Lea rocketed from local stages to national notoriety in tandem with Flickerstick’s triumph in VH1’s renowned series ‘Bands on the Run’ in 2001, during which Flickerstick eclipsed 2000 rival bands. The victory ignited a fresh frenzy of touring, a major release of the acclaimed album ‘Welcoming Home the Astronauts’, and a chart-climbing single. Renowned for their unyielding tour schedule, incendiary live performances, and untamed antics, Flickerstick’s allure continued to shine brilliantly through the 2000s.