Rhythms in the North ‘‘Fête de la Musique’’ Celebration in Minnesota

Sociable Cider Werks 1500 Fillmore St NE, Minneapolis +9 more

Every year, on June 21st, when many cultures around the world are celebrating summer (or winter) solstice, France and many countries make music: people celebrate ''Fête de la musique'', also known in English as International Music Day. It's an annual music celebration to enjoy the longest day of the year. Musicians of every style and ability gather to perform for free in public spaces and parks. Aimed at all audiences, this day of celebration familiarizes people of all ages and all walks of life with a range of musical expressions. This year, Alliance Française, the French Cultural Center in Minneapolis is partnering with Douala Soul Collective to bring this event to the Twin Cities and around the State of Minnesota! We're giving life to this event through venues and spaces with several musicians and bands performing in small and larger places, reunited under ONE BIG MULTI-LOCATION FESTIVAL, called ''Rhythms in the North''. Also, after a long period of lockdown and the uprising following the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, the world, especially our cities, communities and small businesses, are still struggling and going through a healing process. We believe we have a fraction of responsibility to contribute to that Process and this project is gravitating intentionally within that interest.